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About Us

About us


Engaged in research initiatives with top executives within Fortune 1000, G2000, State and Federal Gov't agencies for 18+years. 

Every company conducts research; fortunately, our expertise allows us to speak with some the smartest people on the planet. 




C-Suite Researchers, Recruiters and Interviewers

Experience in wide-ranging research methodologies and  all industries; primarily in Branding, Advertising, Market share and Market intelligence for some of the top Consulting and Research Firms globally. We excel at recruiting business professionals that don't reside in anyone's panel. Our goal is to secure the best candidate for any research topic.

Why choose us?


18+ years' experience in successfully completing very large and complex research studies, collaborating with companies like Accenture, Avanade, AWS, Bain, Citi, Cisco, Cognizant, and the list goes on. Some of the biggest names in the business come to us, to deliver the highest quality respondents for any engagement!

We collaborate with our clients to determine sample sizes, feasibility, methodology, screening criteria and target audience so we can deliver on each and every project.

What we bring to the table


Experience in C-Suite tracking studies

We've collaborated with the Accenture Marketing and Research teams and successfully completed their yearly tracking study with 250-400 Fortune 1000 Executives and Gov’t Officials in the U.S. and Canada for 14 years.


Your sounding board

  • We provide our clients with feasibility and strategic advantages in how to serve difficult-to-reach audiences.
  • Dedicated team of Executive Interviewers and Recruiters with extensive experience connecting with high-level executives across all industries.
  • Many members of our team have more than 7+ years of research experience and have been trained to be flexible and build a rapport with these professionals, and their gatekeepers.


Close the deal

We partner with our clients and bring years of B2B expertise to help close the deal. 

Our priority is a successful project that delivers on all levels of the research objectives; real people that fit the bill, within the established time-frame and budget. 

Kudos - How did it go?



Yes, they did and they were amazing!  Jacki extends her thanks for a fantastic recruit for this.  Thank you very much for your patience as well.  


Anne Bitter Group

Thanks for your help recruiting LA.  I understand that it’s not a good F1000 B2B market.  They were happy with the 5 people we had but we couldn’t have done it without your help.  Your 3 people were infinitely better than “the other Co’s.” 2. 

Connexions Research

We really do appreciate your help and in the future we will reach out to you as soon as we win the project and even more so in the bidding phase. 

Riedel Strategy

Thank you Tony! We really appreciate your effort on this!!!

E2A Partners

Thanks Tony!  I appreciate all your help and professionalism on this project…you guys nailed the recruit!  More come in the future !!

What valuable insights can we deliver for you?

We look forward to delivering insightful executives to your next engagement!

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